Having lived most of my life in the southernmost island of Greece and by extension Europe and in the center of the Mediterranean, Crete, the gourmet of influence is my base of my recipes mostly. In my travels around Greece and the world at large discovered cooking and baking techniques, ingredients, herbs and spices. My knowledge and helped them to have incorporated the ingredients of the world in the Cretan cuisine and creative beyond traditional Cretan prescriptive where I worked in my first steps began to create original and delicious recipes based on this cuisine of Crete where the language is called the fusion of gourmet .

The island of Crete is rich in production of raw materials and cooking even richer in sweet or savory culinary delights based on these ingredients, and studies with universities worldwide for the healthiest diet in the world worthy of holding the reigns of the kitchen better than other. This made me to create recipes that are unique in taste and originality since it has the best foundation for such a venture.

My recipes are made mostly for domestic use and require a considerable time preparing most of them and not use a kitchen restaurant, a mistake that many chef who present to the public restaurant recipes for home use. And all these years because the preparation and cleanliness is a primary factor in the firing process.

As a contemporary Minoan origin so which place she loves and honors the Cretan tradition of hospitality, I present my technical friends who love me and make me the honor to visit my website and try my recipes. Although you’re one of those feel free to browse my blog begging you to respect copyright of my recipes.

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After responding so many emails about the same topics, I thought it would be a good idea to add a FAQ section. Hope this answers some of your questions…

Why do you always use grams?

I’m European and that is what I am accustomed to and also, all the professional kitchens I have worked in have used grams. If you would like to convert grams to ounces, all you have to do is divide the grams by 28.375 and that will give you he ounces you need.

Can I send you my products so you can review them in your blog?

I don’t do product reviews in my blog. Sometimes, there might be something that I love and must share with you. The same applies to event reviews or cookbook reviews.

I am interested in advertising on your blog. Do you have any ad spaces open?

You must contact me through contact form for ad’s inquires.

Can I write a guest post in your blog?

This blog is a personal journal of my recipes, photographs and stories and I want to maintain it that way, so no, at the moment I do not have guest bloggers.

Can you do a guest post in my blog?

I have done some guest posts in the past, but right now I have no free time really.  Maybe when I have more time.

Can we exchange links?

I love sharing my favorite links, websites and blogs, but I don’t systematically exchange links. I hope you understand this.

Do you sell your baked goods anywhere?

No, I don’t. I do some catering at times so contact me if you have anything in mind although I might be able to accommodate your request.

Do you teach baking and cooking classes?

I am happy to say that I am teaching from time to time cooking and baking classes and workshops. Please check the blog for updates and upcoming dates.

I have tried your recipes and they don’t work the way I wanted them to work. Can I contact you to ask specifics?

Actually, I love those kinds of emails. Some recipes are more temperamental than others so if you are having problems, email me through contact form so we can arrange an on line meeting through skype and I will do my best to help with a small charge. I am very good about that.

I hope these answered some of your questions. If not, please email me directly through contact form.

I hope you enjoyed visiting this little blog of mine…

Patra Zeibeki

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